My Apologies

After my Monday Miscellaneous post Chloe Goes Trick or Treating I recieved an email from someone that found the post upsetting.

They lovingly explained their objections to Halloween and openly told me why my reference to Halloween bothered them.  I emailed an apology back to them and will now extend the same apology to all of you.

I did not think about the fact that it may seem as though I was promoting Halloween and that I would be offending anyone.

I read more than one post about Halloween the past week or so, all by Christian bloggers.  Some dislike it, others see nothing wrong with it if you spend the evening fellowshipping with others and your family, and don’t promote the Satanic parts of it.

I know many churches have parties and open houses as a way to give kids a safe place to spend that evening; and to also give them an alternative to the evil aspects of the holiday.

I hate Holloween for the very reasons stated in this person’s letter — the connections to the occult and darkness and evil: but, like I said, did not think of it as being offensive the way I wrote it.

It happened Halloween night, and the way Chloe came in and helped herself just made me think of it like that.

So, I am offering all of you an apology if I have offended any of you in any way.  It was not my intention to promote anything to do with the occult or anything evil.  I just was trying to share with you the laugh we had over the cat getting into my candy on Halloween.

I am truly sorry if anyone is upset.


8 thoughts on “My Apologies

  1. I am saddened that your motive in posting what you did was miscontrued. Gee wheez! When will we quit shooting one another and polishing our fingernails? As Jesus said, “Love one another…as I have loved you.” Love understands, is patient, kind, gracious, etc.

    You are my sister in Christ; and loved. 🙂



  2. Drusilla: Not to worry! You can’t say anything these days without someone taking issue with it. I am certain it bothers you if someone is offended, but they make it about them. They had to “stretch” to find offense with your post. No worry. 🙂


  3. I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t like Halloween, either, but your post brought back memories of us as kids when we didn’t know differently, it was a fun thing for us at that time; but so much has changed since those days. I enjoyed your post.


  4. We enjoyed the post over at our place, Drusilla. Still, I am encouraged by your Christlike attitude and desire to live at peace with all. We should take your lead and do likewise. Your words are inspiring and demonstrate the love Jesus had for us… and we are to give freely to others. God bless.


  5. My I also say I enjoyed your post and the pictures – Our animals are part of our family
    We are all here (Christian Bloggers) to edify our God and encourage each other
    As far as Halloween – children think of candy not evil
    Prayers for your day


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