Rachel stood leaning against the wall, watching people that her brother had invited.  She soon discovered that she didn’t know half of them, and probably did not care to.

She was not interested in the type of people her brother hung out with.

She closed her eyes, wishing she had stayed home.

Ted’s parties always ended up full of alcohol, loud rock music and too-friendly people; and always made her uncomfortable.  But he was her brother, and she didn’t want to upset him by refusing.

She opened her eyes and watched a man in a brown sports coat trying to cozy up to some tall blonde, wincing at the face the woman made at him before she turned away.

Rachel sighed heavily.  She had better things to do than stand here alone in the middle of Ted’s friends watching them drink too much and flirt with each other.

She pushed herself away from the wall and looked down at the cup of coffee in her hand, frowning.

Ted did not share her faith, her belief in the saving grace offered to mankind through a relationship with Jesus; and she knew her brother would probably be insulted if she left this early, but…

She was just deciding that she was going home, when her gaze fell on a man across the room.

He leaned against the wall, holding a matching cup, as he watched the crowd with amused detachment.

He was tall; probably even taller than she was herself.  And that was something because she was just a few inches shy of six foot.

She ran her eyes over him, taking in the muscular build, the black wavy hair and the oh-so-blue eyes.

He was not good looking, but had a rugged, earthy look that instantly appealed to her.

She tipped her head to the side as she tried to figure out what there was about him that attracted her; and felt a strange twist in her mid-section, something she had never felt before and could not put a name to.

It wound its way through her, gripping her heart in a tight-fisted hold that took her breath away.

She was so intent on her study of him, she did not notice when Ted stopped next to the man.

It wasn’t until those blue eyes locked with hers that she realized she had been caught staring.  Heat rushed into her cheeks and she forced herself to remain still, refusing to look away.

She was doing nothing wrong and refused to act like she was.

She watched as he turned back to Ted and said something to which Ted replied before walking away from the stranger and toward her.

The man stepped away from the wall and leisurely followed her brother across the room.

Rachel couldn’t help but watch him as he approached, too enthralled by him to look anywhere but into those blue eyes.

Stay tuned for part 3.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2011

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