Welcome to my first Saturday Scrap.

I did an album a few years ago of My Favorite Things A-Z.

This is F for Fall:


8 thoughts on “SATURDAY SCRAP — FALL

  1. Love it, so beautiful – Thanks Dru God has indeed gifted you, I appreciate you sharing it, I haven’t seen Scrapbooking like yours before, its very different but I know just what room it would look good in, we must have the same colour scheme ….e-mail me and I will give you my address.

    Christian Love Anne


    • Thank you Patti. I saw pictures from someone else that had done one years ago — the problem was, trying to whittle it down to a managable size — it is still the biggest one I’ve ever done! 😉


  2. i love this, my sister the writer. love ya sis. where were the pics taken i cant see them well enough to recognize where they are?


    • Top page is a calendar page, obviously. Bottom page — top and right are the hill behind Pop and Grandma’s, Left is the corner field across from Mike’s and the bottom is the lake from Slate Hill. And I love you too. 🙂


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