He stood, one broad shoulder propped against the wall, surveying the crowd in front of him.

A smile tugged at one side of his mouth as he watched the short man in the tan sports coat smooch up to a gorgeous blonde that stood head and shoulders over him.  Smile growing, he looked down into his mug of coffee as the blonde shook her head and turned away.

Sorry buddy.  She’s obviously not interested.

As his eyes ran around the room, his mind fled back to a time when that would have been him getting the brush-off.  The smile slipped a notch as he remembered those years…

He had been tall and gangly, no where near being what one might call handsome.  His interaction with the female persuasion had been limited to his three older sisters and the girls that had attended the youth group at church.

He rolled his shoulders as if trying to push off a heavy weight as he recalled the times he had been the butt of some joke, normally from one of the athletes at school.  A tall, skinny kid that followed Jesus was just too big a target for them to ignore.

He had long since come to terms with that part of his life.  As he went through the intervening years, he had looked back, surprised that those experiences hadn’t scarred him and his outlook on life.

He had come to the realization that it had been his faith that had given him his sense of self-worth and that had strengthened his confidence.  He was what God had made him, and if there were some that did not like that, well, then….that was their problem, not his.


He sometimes found himself wondering what it would be like to be the type of guy that pulled women to them like a magnet.

His thin face had broadened a little into what could, at best, be termed rugged – too rugged to be handsome in the real sense of the word.  His mother called it chiseled; he called it harsh.

His hair was thick and black, waving around his face in defiance of his comb if he didn’t keep it trimmed.

His eyes were a deep, startling blue, that shown out of the tanned skin with the Light of Life.  Depending on his mood, they could deepen to near violet, or lighten to nearly silver.

Those eyes moved now, taking in the mix of people that stood before him.  When someone stopped at his side, he turned his head slightly and smiled.

“Ted.”  He inclined his head to his host and co-worker.

The man smiled back.  “Jake. “  The smile widened.  “Don’t look now, but you are being watched.”

Jake narrowed those blue eyes and raised one brow in question.  “Oh?  Where?”

Ted grinned, enjoying his friend’s surprise.  “Across the room, by the window.  Tall, redhead.  Glorious green eyes.”

Jake nonchalantly turned to sweep his gaze around the room again until his cobalt blue eyes collided with emerald green.

The electricity that shot up his spine surprised him.  His interest quickened before he could stop it.

He watched as pink filled her cheeks with becoming color and was surprised when she didn’t turn away.  Intrigued, he dragged his gaze back to the man standing next to him.

“Who is she?”

Ted chuckled, shaking his head as if at some private joke.

“Want me to introduce you?”

Jake’s eyes narrowed even more.

“You know her?”

“Yeah, I know her.  Come on.”

Before Jake could stop him, Ted was off across the room, clearly believing that Jake would follow.

To be continued……

© Drusilla Mott and, 2011


7 thoughts on “ACROSS THE ROOM PT. 1

  1. Can’t wait for the “continue”
    I love: He was what God had made him, and if there were some that did not like that, well, then….that was their problem, not his.
    Its the “still” in our lives that keep us backwards
    Prayers for your day


  2. Hi my dear friend Dru, wow this is a bit different, but very good, I do indeed appreciate this part of your story….. “He had come to the realization that it had been his faith that had given him his sense of self-worth and that had strengthened his confidence. He was what God had made him, and if there were some that did not like that, well, then….that was their problem, not his.”

    This man was not prepared to wear a mask to please others, interestingly this has been the focus of a few Blogs, but to be honest I once did wear a mask as I shared on Thoughts from the Porch, when we look back it can be for good if it reminds us of how God has been working in our lives and so we give Him thanks but it is very true our self- worth is not about worldly fleshy self-esteem but is all about who we are in Christ Jesus.

    Well done Dru I’m looking forward to the next Chapter – Christian Love Annie.


    • Thank you Annie. Appreciate your input and thoughts.

      Those thoughts of his are a part of my past as well, my perspective on how we treat each other. I have come to the conclusion that the things people say and do to hurt us are really not about us but themselves. And when you have faith in your Creator and know that He made you for a specific purpose and loves you just the way you are, it is easier to lay aside other peoples’ meanness.

      And I think that is something God is trying to tell us now, because I have read more than one post in the last few days about how we treat each other. It would be a lesson well-learned if everyone could take it to heart.


      • Yes so very True Due …hurt people hurt people and themselves but once again we must not forsake honesty and Truth to win acceptance, they are also about Love as Jesus showed us in how he spoke to the Pharisees and when He got the whip out. Your story too shows us words can only hurt when there is no assurance of our worth in Christ Jesus. But abuse will hurt us if continued, I found that out with ministering to Atheists but it was not so much their attacks on me, it was how they spoke about God the Father, Jesus Christ or The Holy Spirit, The Trinity or Godhead, often I was in tears and had righteous anger, How dare they talk about the One I Love like that, but then I remembered where I came from and that most were hurting, they are very honest in their own way even if greatly deceived.

        Thank you my friend I have a Story you might like, I will post it in Gifts for my friends in a day or two – Love you – Annie.


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