Good morning;

With the addition of writing for ChristianBlessings on top of this blog and my manuscript, I found myself wondering how I was going to manage all of it.  I had originally thought about possibly one or two posts per week for each blog, but wondered if that was going to be too few.

I have been praying about it, and suddenly feel that the Lord has organized my writing and my thoughts on the subject.

I felt led to step down from doing the church bulletin so that I could devote more time to spreading the gospel around the world.  This is extremely difficult for me because the work in the church office has been a major part of my life for nearly 10 years.

I think what is making it even harder is that the Pastor that I was helping was also my Uncle David, my mom’s younger brother.  He got sick last January with pneumonia, and ended up having to retire in May; moving some 4 hours away to live with their youngest son.  We are in the process of seeking out a new man to take his place in the pulpit.

His leaving after 23 years of shepherding our small flock has left a void in all of our lives, but mine especially because I worked with him three or four times a week for nearly ten years doing all the office work that needed doing.  It has been hard going into that empty office each week to do the bulletin without him being there.

I have felt that maybe it was time to step out of the office, and let someone else take over that area of service; but was unsure if it was just the dislike of sitting in the empty office that made me feel that way.

When the offer to write for ChristianBlessings came along, I felt it was the Lord’s way of telling me to move on to other things, and let someone else serve in that area of the church.

So (to make a long story even longer) I have been praying for God’s leading on how to handle everything.  This is what it boils down to:

I am going to do my best to write for ChristianBlessings four or five times per week.  I would like to solidly commit to Monday-Friday, but knowing the interruptions and outside demands to my time, I do not want to commit to anything that I can not back up.

As for this site …

As I prayed this morning about the situation, this is what came to me:

Monday’s Miscellaneous :  going with the ‘M’ theme — a ‘mish-mash’ of anything and everything that is dear to my heart.  Family, pets, friends, travel, pictures, songs, hymns … you get the idea.

Wednesday’s Word:  a short article (or not so short, depending on the topic and my eloquence that week) on a Bible verse or Bible lesson that I happen to be studying or thinking about.

Friday’s Fiction:   a short inspirational story or an excerpt from my manuscript.  With this I would ask that you give me an open and honest opinion of my writing.  Be my critique partner, not afraid to speak plainly.  In short, take my words apart and help me improve where I need improvement, with no snarky-ness.  (In all honesty I know none of you would be snarky, but I love that word –it makes me smile. )

Saturday’s Scrap:  A sharing of my scrapbook or card making projects.

I thought maybe if I were to weave other things between my posts, I could post more often without the long hours of study and thought and reading and typing that come with long articles.

So, please let me know HONESTLY what you think about this new plan, and if you think it will work.

I am putting my trust in God to open up my thoughts, my heart, my knowledge, my words and my time to do all of this as well as finish this manuscript that I have started.

Praying everyone has a blessed day.


PS:  A quick technical question —  I posted a couple new articles under the ‘Ye Must Be Born Again’ page (at the bottom of the header picture) last week and got no response.  Don’t get me wrong — I’m not fishing for responses — but just curious on whether things posted there are sent out in email notices or not.  I put them in there so that they could be reviewed by ptl2010 before I moved them to ChristianBlessings, and am wondering if things that are put there, instead of on the home page like regular postings, are included in email notifications.  Anybody know how pages work with the email notificaitons?  I tried going into the help area of wordpress but could not find anything to help me.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2011


14 thoughts on “NEW BLOG SCHEDULE

  1. Dru, in response to your questions on the posts on Christian Blessing, I personally haven’t received any notification of anything either than your regular posts. I know at Christian Gazette only the post that I publish under the new post page go out in email notification. When I update the others they just stay on site.
    As far as suggestions for posting, when ever I find myself at a loss for something, simple worship and praise in song glorifying God is often better than some of my regular posts anyway and you can never go wrong giving Him the praise and the glory, but that is just my humble opinion. The truth is I love having any excuse to post some of the beautiful worship and praise music I find!
    Evelyn as administrator could probably answer your questions about Christian Blessing better than anyone else. God bless you my friend and may He keep guiding your hands!


    • Thanks loopyloo. I reread what I wrote and probably should have explained it differently. My question really isn’t about ChristianBlessings — that was more an explanation about why I changed the PAGE and added new articles to it. My question was whether what is posted on PAGES gets email notices sent out like regular POSTS. And if not, do we post new things on POSTS, and then connect them or transfer them to PAGES? How do we notify readers about a change on a PAGE if they do not have email notices?


  2. Morning Drusilla
    Please listen to that still small voice in your head and heart – I find the Holy Spirit talks and leads during quiet times in my life – We are face “gathering times” in our life to rest and renew making us, hopefully, better people and writers
    Stress, guilt and resentment are feeling not from the Spirit – The Spirit, as you know is light-filled with peace, joy, gentleness, patience
    I will continue to keep you in my prayers for your decision – your decision to write on your site sounds good and you can always change, if needed
    Blessings on your new journey with Chrisitan Blessings


    • Thank you Susie. For listening, for your encouragement and your prayers. I am going to really give this a shot, setting aside some of those things that are not all that important and really devote my time to this work. Do you know of a good housecleaning crew? 😉


  3. Hi Drusilla, how wonderful to be able to express yourself in words, your heart of Love for The Lord our Awesome King of Kings and to know it’s reaching out and touching others hearts far and wide. I will support you of course. As for the ins and outs of Blogging, you were the one that helped me with widgets and bows but I click on Conversation to adjust if needed but not sure about pages I have only received your posts but then would I know the difference???.

    Sorry Drusilla Technology is not where I am at.

    Christian Love Annie


    • Thank you Annie. I am feeling so blessed to be chosen to help spread God’s word and enlarge His kingdom. I used to feel like I was always just off a little bit to the side of this road that I am on. But now I am feeling such joy and peace at this new phase in my life, as if I am finally right in the middle of where He has told me to walk. What an awesome God we have! And don’t worry about the technology — I am going to have to do some more research on the best way to improve things here.


  4. Drusilla, this new schedule sounds realistic and I agree with SPTP2011 about the still small voice. Praying your decision is what He wants for you and blesses you for your faithfulness and obedience. As for the techy question, I have not received email notices about posts under “You must be born again”.


  5. Drusilla – Wow! That’s all amazing. I’m a talker who resorts to writing – you truly are a writer! I’ll pray for continued wisdom for you. It sounds like you’re a willing recipient so I have no doubt you’ll receive it. 😀
    ~ Debbie


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