Good morning everyone.

I have so enjoyed the photos shared by my fellow bloggers the last few weeks, I decided I would share the New York autumn that we are enjoying.

I discovered this on the kitchen window Monday morning:

Morning Glories from a couple weeks ago:

Trees beginning to change.  The white specks in the sky are a couple of the gulls that were gliding on the wind.

I love this old barn.

My favorite lake:

I love this area of New York State.

We may not have the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, or the exhilaration of ocean waves crashing on California’s rocky coastline; but there is a beauty here that can only come from the hand of God.

I look at these pictures and praise Him for the beauty of His creation.

Have a blessed day.

© Drusilla Mott and, 2011



  1. Beautiful Drusilla
    I have also enjoyed all the beautiful fall pictures from other blogs and your site
    We don’t have much of a fall color show here in the Desert
    I appreciate all the beautiful stories and pictures
    Prayers for your day


  2. You do live in a beautiful area. I like your praying mantis. 🙂 One day I was sitting outside with my laptop, and had a tiny mantis visitor that sat on the top edge of the screen for a long time.


  3. Drusilla – This is my first fall In southern, drought stricken Texas. How beautiful to see that the colors are still changing, the flowers are still blooming and there really is water – somewhere. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos!


  4. Hi Dru, I loved your photos, I felt closer to you somehow, perhaps now knowing more of the beauty that you have around you and like you I like barns, I have a story about them that I will post for you today or tomorrow. Yesterday as I worked at my Computer I experienced 4 seasons in one day, Queensland is known for this, but no snow … could you please send me some, but make sure you put in a plastic bag so I don’t just receive a wet envelope … am I missing something?

    Thank you for your encouragement on my Blog and as I said to The Bible man and others who do the same, thank you for being faithful to take an interest in what others do in the Lord’s name, may you be greatly blessed for doing so.

    Hebrews 10:24 Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;) And let us consider one another to provoke unto Love and to good works:

    I’m always thankful for your sharing, your like a breath of Spring air.
    Love you in the Lord – Annie.


    • Thank you Annie. I love living here. Except for about 5 years in the late 70s, I have spent my whole life within 5 minutes of where I live right now. And those 5 years were all within 30 minutes of here. There are really only two other places I would like to live –The Thousand Islands region of New York state (that is the St. Lawrence River between the US & Canada) & Gettysburg Pennsylvania. The old barn is just up the road from our house, but reminds me of my grandparent’s old barn and riding on a hay wagon with a neighbor when we were kids.

      Thank you for your encouragement and uplifting stories and poems. They are such a blessing; as is your sense of humor and your loving heart.


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