Leah is our cat.

"Come on, Mom, take the picture already so I can move!"

She has a sister named Chloe.

"Do you think Mommy would let us go out and play with them?"

Both names were taken from the Left Behind series of books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.  They both have blue eyes with the silvery markings of being part Siamese.

As is normal for cats, they will suddenly take off through the house at full speed, for no apparent reason other than boredom and excess energy.  When this happens, you have to get out of their way or take the risk of getting run over.

Leah is the weaker of the two, always getting picked on by Chloe.  She is thin and skittish, probably due to the ongoing terrorism she lives through daily.

I call her ‘Leah-Lady’ because she acts like Miss Priss, so dainty and feminine.

Leah is not really one for play.  Every once in a while, she will find something on the floor to play with … a small ball, a piece of paper that I had once scrunched up for Chloe to play with, or something that her sister found in her snooping around and carried off.

I also call Leah ‘fuzzy-butt’ because she has long hair and when she walks away from you, she looks like a kid that is wearing too-big snow pants shoved into too-small snow boots.

"That's not really my good side!"

Leah will take the ornaments off the Christmas tree….

"This one is pretty."

"Maybe if I don't look at her, she won't notice the broken ornament that I just dropped."

… and has, on more than one occasion, climbed up into the tree to hide from her sister.

"Just let me get this one before she catches me!"

Most of the time, though, she would rather sit and watch Chloe act ridiculous.

I love Chloe for her devilish troublemaking; but Leah has made a soft spot grow in me filled with love and protectiveness.

Thanks for visiting.  Have a blessed day.

© Drusilla Mott and https://drusillamott.wordpress.com, 2011


11 thoughts on “LEAH’S CAT-TALES

  1. Hi Drusilla, thank you for all your encouragement on my Blog, what a kind heart you have and I appreciated very much your comments and will respond to them soon…Wow… I really didn’t realise how time consuming blogging was going to be but it is indeed a blessing and you also help make it an enjoyable experience for me and I’m sure for many others… God bless you.

    His Creation is indeed awesome… love your Kitties give them a big hug for me or better still some cat-nip, I must do a post on my M and M’s… you have inspired me.

    Take Care Christian Love Anne.


    • Thanks Anne, I have found out how time-consuming blogging is also, and keep asking myself what I have gotten myself into. 🙂 If I don’t keep up with the email notices, I end up with close to 100 in just a couple days.

      But, as you say, I am finding such a blessing in all of my new ‘family’ — all these brothers and sisters in Christ that I have found through this site. God is moving in this ‘community’ helping us to spread His Word to others, helping us to bless and encourage each other; and that is a marvelous thing. So glad we have found each other.


    • Thanks Patti. She is beautiful. I think they like Christmas because there is more stuff to get into and play with. We actually had to start using an artificial tree because we couldn’t keep Leah out of it, and the real tree branches were not strong enough. 🙂 Chloe’s ‘tale’ will be coming in the future.


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