As most of you know, I orignally started this blog to prepare a base for the time (if and when) my manuscript was ever accepted by a publisher.

Over the past few weeks it has transformed into a faith-building meeting place with other bloggers who bless and encourage.  And I have so enjoyed my time getting to know my fellow bloggers.

Yesterday I had such fun going through the Most Valuable Blogger Award process, finding new blogs, meeting new people.

But with that transformation, I seem to have lost sight of the other reasons for writing.

My mind has become so full of the blogging world, I find I am having trouble turning it back to my writing.  Everything else has been shoved out.  All the ideas and words that would help me re-write that which is not ready for publication have been replaced by blog ideas and posts.

In the process of visiting new blogs, I have also come across timely messages about stalling, doing things other than what should be done, getting down to it and just writing.

I made a conscious decision today to get down to it.  To sit down and write.

Yet…here I am…blogging.

And I am here because I sat down, ready to tackle the as yet unaccaptable and, after a page or two, came up blank.  There were no more words coming forward.

I decided to step away (whether that tactic is good or bad, I don’t know); and went to Twitter to find out what was going on.

There I came across a devotional from Dr. Charles Stanley about fasting and praying:  Daily Devotional.

I always associated fasting with a period of time without food; but Dr. Stanley describes fasting as a step away from both food and activities to get rid of any distractions.

This gave me pause, and pushed me to a decision.

It became clear that the ‘blogging thoughts’ have infringed on my communion with my Lord; leaving me feeling confused and unfocused, as if I am in a room filled with acivities all vying for my attention, blocking out the One thing that matters most.

And so the decision has been made…

I am going to set aside this blog for a few days, focus my heart and soul back on my Compass, my Guide, my Reason for living.

Ask for forgiveness for allowing something else to take over my thoughts.

Get myself re-grounded in His Word.

Pray for a clear direction and inspiration.

Wrap myself in His love and grace….

Talk to you all soon.


© Drusilla Mott and, 2011


14 thoughts on “PAUSING TO FAST

  1. You make the Father smile with you decision, and we will all be here when you come back. Praying that this time will be fruitful for you and that an abundance of creativity will begin to flow in and through you. I am interceding for you during this “retreat”.


  2. Hi Drusilla, thanks for your encouragment and support, I’m thankful you were there for me because having walked in my shoes you understood all about the widgets and buttons, did you say bows too?

    Yes time reflecting on our King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s is like a bubbling fountion that refreshes us and others, being refreshed by Jesus our Living Water we then can reach out to others so they too can be refreshed in God’s Truth.

    1 Timothy 6:18 That they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate.

    Christian Love Anne.


  3. Sorry Drusilla, well at least I’m sure you did get my message, I have been known to repeat myself more then once before… yes I know it comes as a surprise that I’m not perfected yet… but I’m aiming for it.

    Christian Love Anne.

    P.S Is it something to do with wigets?


  4. Hi Drusilla! I hope your fast accomplishes what you desire.

    I have been gathering the information together for the Versatile Blogger Award, and finally am ready to post the first installment tomorrow. I thought you might want to see what I wrote about your blog:

    The authors of If I Were Brave and Drusilla Mott were the people who nominated me for this award. It’s just as well that they did, because if they hadn’t and if (a big if) I received it from someone else, I would nominate them…

    Drusilla Mott’s blog is a devotional blog which she very sensibly named Drusilla Mott. She always has an encouraging or thoughtful word about Scripture or the Christian faith. She is taking a break for a couple of days from blogging, but I hope that she will be back soon.

    I hope you have a good evening!



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