I love The Lord of the Rings.

I admit I am a late-comer to the story and movies.  I never read the books in school, or saw the movies until the Christmas after The Return of the King was released on DVD.

And that was when I found just what I had been missing.

I soon became addicted to the storyline and the characters.

I love the four Hobbit friends, Frodo, Samwise, Pippin and Merry.  I love their camaraderie and their love for each other.  I love the interaction between them.

One of my favorite scenes is the scene near the end when Frodo leaves Middle Earth on the last Elf ship sailing to the Undying Lands; and the four friends must say goodbye.

Call me soft and silly, but I love the emotion and the pain in that scene; the fact that they hold each other so dearly in their hearts and are not afraid to show their feelings.

There is something about both Gandalf and Treebeard that attract me.

The natural landscape in the movie is breathtaking.  The beauty of Rivendell makes me wish I could step into the scene and live there.

The storyline is the classic Good overcoming Evil.  This storyline shows again and again Good intervening on the character’s behalf to help them through difficult and dangerous situations.

Even with all this to draw me, there is one character that really pulls at my heart … Aragorn, the king.  Maybe it is the similarities between this king, and my King that touches me.

Aragorn knows he is royalty, heir to the throne; yet he is humble with a servant’s heart.  He is not arrogant and proud, as some are that have no claim of any importance.

He gladly sets aside his own obscure life to serve in the quest to destroy the evil One Ring.

At the end, he takes the throne and rules the world that is now filled with peace.

His attitude reminds me of Jesus … showing compassion and love for all those that followed Him, taking a servant’s heart by washing the disciple’s feet.

Jesus left His home in heaven to come to earth and die on that cross for our sins.  One day He will return and destroy evil forever and will rule in peace.

I have watched the trilogy numerous times, and each time pick up something new from the viewing.

This time it was our grandson that brought to light something that had really not formed in my mind yet.

He has seen bits and pieces of the movie, and remembers the scene inside the volcano.  He asked me why Frodo didn’t fall into the lava like Gollum did.

I told him it was because Gollum had hold of the ring and could not grab the rock to keep from falling.  Frodo was not holding anything and grabbed a hold of the rock to save himself.

As I explained this, a door opened in my heart and mind and I could see clearly.

Gollum wanted that ring so badly, his desire for it consumed him, to his death.  He refused to let go of it even to save himself.

As I explained this to our grandson, I saw the correlation between Gollum’s grasping of the ring and our grasping of worldly possessions and sin.

Do we not grasp at things here on this earth, sometimes to our own detriment; instead of grasping onto the One that will save us?

As I write this, I have to ask myself, Is there something that I am holding onto so tightly that it could end up hurting me?

I pray for the wisdom and the ability to let go of all those things that I should not be holding onto.

And I will ask you:

Is there something in your life that you should let go of?  Is there something that is keeping you from turning to the One who can save you?

If so, let it go and grab hold of  The Rock, Jesus Christ.

© Drusilla Mott and https://drusillamott.wordpress.com, 2011



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