How does a writer manage to concentrate solely on their
craft, shutting out all the other distractions and demands on their time?

That was the question I was asking myself as I sat here,
7:35 PM on a Saturday evening. The sun was going behind the hills to the west,
and I was discouraged by the way my week had gone.

The beginning of the week started out great.  I got an email from a publisher that they
were beginning the review process for my first Inspirational Romance Second

Monday and Tuesday were okay.  I was going on excitement and nervous energy, and I got quite a bit done on my second novel Follow Your Destiny.

And then Wednesday arrived, booting my work time and
concentration to the curb.  One husband
+ one grandson + one dog + two cats = chaos and distractions galore.  Add to that other family members and friends
needing me and my time for one reason or another, and there I was at the end of
the week with no more work done.

I filled in my time with research on building a fan
base.  I got an account going on
twitter.  I read blogs on marketing
(another topic entirely!); asked questions and received answers to those
questions.  And I began trying to write
my own blog posts.

All things I could do while chaos reigned around me; but
with all the other things going on, all the other demands on my time, I could
not get my mind focused on my manuscript.

I read a couple posts on twitter from other authors writing
2000, 3000, 4000 words in a day.  This
should have encouraged me, and in a way it did, until I found my days flying by
with almost no work done on my story.

I read blog posts on how to cut out the distractions and get
work done…but most of these seemed to be for people out in the workplace, not
someone working at home with the lives of family members merging into the
workday to take away the time needed to sit down and write.

So, there I was, looking at the clock at the end of the day,
with nothing written except a few words tucked away in the recesses of my mind,
waiting to be pulled out and reconsidered for use.

I don’t know.  It is
one thing to have an empty house and being able to sit down and write
undisturbed; a setup I can have once in a while.  It is quite another to have numerous people and three animals all
vying for your time and attention; the setup that seems to be my normal for the
distant future.

Will it get better?
I can only pray that it will.  I
can only ask for God’s direction on how to divide up my days into time for
others and time for myself.

I was wondering as I thought about blogs, how in the world
would I find something to write about 3 or 4 times a week?  I guess one of the recurring topics just may be my struggle with distractions and chaos.

Question: How do you set priorities when most of those
demands and distractions are things that are needed in the lives of

© Drusilla Mott and, 2011


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